iDrone i3s Mini HD Camera Drone

iDrone i3s Mini Camera Drone , Myanmar

iDrone i3S is a mini Quadcopter equipped with 720P HD Camera. I3S is a RC Quadcopter for fun and it offers standard toy grade Quadcopter features. However, the 720P Camera on this one seems to have a bit better Quality compared to other similar RC Camera Quadcopters in the market. iDrone i3S is a fun quadcopter to fly and take some standard definition shots, it offers plenty of flight time on single charge, it has ducted fans that makes it very safe to fly even indoors. Its ducted fans make it also a good quadcopter to fly indoors without having to worry about hitting objects and walls and crashing. It’s durable as well. iDrone i3S Flight performance is extremely good, it offers 3 flight speed modes and has very responsive controls. Should you want to fly slow and steady or fast and furious, iDrone will simply respond with fine performance. This is the best gift for Kids or Big Boys, Daddies, and or for yourself to learn to fly, have fun with it.
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